Principal: Rangan Ramasamy(Ramasamy Rangan), MS.EE, P.Eng.

An experienced electrical engineer, with extensive design ,system and consulting engineering experience in several multinationals like GE, Honeywell,Celestica,Tyco ,Philips ,Cessna Aircraft,Thales Transportation ,TVS Electronics and TRW.

Professional experience includes working in companies that design for safety critical application like Aircraft power distribution systems, Communication based Train Control systems and others like telecom power systems, Computer peripherals like printers keyboards and UPS.

Verification and validation : While working with Thales transportation completed a Verification and validation of both hardware and software for a major European city metro transportation system by being the team lead and interfacing with the customer in many telephone Conferences.

Have designed products to meet safety agency approvals in North America for Telecom and other applications for safety agencies like UL/CSA/VDE/TUV and others.

Used tools like six sigma to derive significant increase in product through put through the manufacturing by reducing the required test time significantly by interfacing with the customer/internal engineering teams .

In summary what I learnt in my last 25 years of experience with multinationals is that some times, product related problems drag on due to several weeks because the analysis of root cause takes time due to reasons that are not necessarily technical but root cause is technical among other things.

The typical assignment I am looking for would be typically 4-6 weeks and to solve a very specific problem like sudden decrease in throughput and or increased failure rate in a product that was otherwise high yield or problems in new product introductions. Also I am a Canadian citizen and permanent resident of US so travel to most parts of the world in not a problem. I would like to thank Honeywell Aerospace for giving me the opportunity to learn my strength as problem solving while being part of a team that produced a product that is part of the largest passenger aircraft in world as of today.